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People and Cities: An Intertwined Relationship of Creating a Human-Centric Urban Environment

“The Human Scale” documents Danish architect Jan Gehl’s approach to create a good urban habitat for healthy human beings. Through years of observing people’s interaction with their living environment, Jan proposed and tested a set of human-centric guidelines in realizing an urban environment that is more suitable for human nature than the widely adopted automobile-focused […]

Foxes’ Angel Islington Map: The illustration collection of Angel Facades

CHECK OUT OUR NEW SITE TO SEE THE COMPLETE ANGEL ISLINGTON PROJECT! We had a busy summer! Well, that probably won’t justify us from delaying our Walk Series. But (yes, there is a big but to argue our way out of laziness), we did brainstorm new ideas to include in the next few months. Some of the […]

Dover Deal Sandwich Part 3: Deal, Walmer and Dover Castle

If we were to rename this trip, we would probably name it the English Heritage Castle Tour! In this 3 days, we used  our English Heritage membership to the fullest and visited Deal Castle, Walmer Castle and Gardens, and Dover Castle all together. It was well worth our time to visit these historical forts to […]

Dover Deal Sandwich Part 1: Sandwich, Kent

Back in April, we spent a lovely sunny (yet chilling) weekend morning in Sandiwch, Kent – one of the most well preserved Medieval Town in the UK. The 40-min bus journey from Dover to Sandwich takes us directly to the Guidhall, Sandwich’s town centre. From there, we got our free historic town trail map from […]

Saturday Stroll in Epping Forest

Epping Forest is us Londoners’ greatest backyard! It is easily accessible by the tube and has loads of things to explore. Running, jogging, walking, cycling, and horseback riding; the forest is a huge exercise ground. We spent an afternoon wandering in the forest, encountering different ecosystems, and only could explore a tiny portion of what […]