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Ice Cave, Off We Go!

SEE THE UPDATED POST AND MORE ON OUR NEW SITE! We were in Iceland. The season was winter. Of course, this means we planned on visiting one of the amazing natural wonders in the world – Ice Caves! After seeing thousands of beautifully captured ice cave photographs, we wanted to see the real thing ourselves. […]

Urban Observation Underground City: Will the Past become the Present?

YOU CAN ALSO VIEW THIS POST ON OUR NEW AND IMPROVED SITE! Call me silly, but every time I think of underground city my imagination carries me to a world where a structured society is reinforced by tribes of mole people living deep under the earth surface. So when the Urban Fox team visited the […]

Princes’ Islands in Istanbul: When Urbanization Is Left Behind By Time

SEE THE UPDATED POST AND MORE ON OUR NEW SITE! Istanbul, a restless image of rapidly growing population, endlessly congested traffic, and ever-morphing urban modernization. A bustling lifestyle is what the city projects. To contrast the busy megacity lifestyle, an escape to peace and quiet can be found in a beautiful archipelago 20km southeast of […]

The Peculiar Turkey Behind Istanbul’s Smell

SEE THE UPDATED POST AND MORE ON OUR NEW SITE. Istanbul, the beautiful city where the East meets the West, is sensationally charismatic. With the visual richness in its amber cityscape, the call of prayer echoing in its damp air, and the abundant flavours in its traditional cuisine, these sensual experiences together mark Istanbul’s uniqueness. Among all […]