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Prelude to our Angel Islington project

The gentrification of Angel Islington with a display of fashionable gastro pubs, wine bars, and boutiques earns it a trendy label well amplifying the cost attached to its posh status. But, when putting the secular value aside, the large number of young families in the neighbourhood also projects a nappy valley image in forming a […]

A Day at Bletchley

Few months ago, we spontaneously decided to visit Bletchley Park. This day-out spot about the codes, cipher, and World War II has been on our weekend to-do list for quite some times. Although war history is not our cup of tea, we find the code breaking operation happened at Bletchley quite fascinating. If you have never heard of the Bletchley […]

St. Paul’s Alternative Around and About: The visible big bright dome glowing in nigh time

Our newest walk theme is finally decided – London Landmarks! And to celebrate Sir Christopher Wren’s birthday month, we will dedicate our first landmark walk to cover St. Paul’s Cathedral. St. Paul’s Cathedral holds its significance through hundreds and hundreds years of history. But rather than talking about its history or the typical tourist information (which you […]

Foxes’ Angel Islington Map: The illustration collection of Angel Facades

CHECK OUT OUR NEW SITE TO SEE THE COMPLETE ANGEL ISLINGTON PROJECT! We had a busy summer! Well, that probably won’t justify us from delaying our Walk Series. But (yes, there is a big but to argue our way out of laziness), we did brainstorm new ideas to include in the next few months. Some of the […]

The West Cemetery Tour at Highgate Cemetery

One night, Foxes curiously searched for interesting urban spaces to explore. With the help of the almighty Internet, we found the beautiful and ecologically enriched Highgate Cemetery located just outside of the central London on ShotHotspot. Immediately allured by Highgate Cemetery’s impressive Gothic monuments, we booked a West Cemetery guided tour and eagerly await for the […]