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Foxes’ Angel Islington Map: The illustration collection of Angel Facades

CHECK OUT OUR NEW SITE TO SEE THE COMPLETE ANGEL ISLINGTON PROJECT! We had a busy summer! Well, that probably won’t justify us from delaying our Walk Series. But (yes, there is a big but to argue our way out of laziness), we did brainstorm new ideas to include in the next few months. Some of the […]

What a Great Day Climbing Angel’s St Mary’s Church Tower

VISIT OUR NEW SITE FOR UPDATED POST AND MORE INTERSTING PROJECTS! Foxes had a wonderful time visiting the historic parish of Islington – St. Mary’s Church – over the weekend. It was such a delight meeting Simon, the vicar of St. Mary’s, who is passionate about the community and knowledgeable in its changes. We not […]

Foxy Wishes You a Happy Easter!

Foxy Wishes You a Happy 2014 Chinese New Year!

Happy Year of the Horse! ♘

Foxes’ Carnaby Robin Adoption

Waking up to Londonist’s “Things To Do In London Today,” one activity really caught our eyes: CARNABY ROBINS: Carnaby Street is giving away the lovely robins that formed its Christmas decorations this year (not the five big ones, those are being donated to the RSPB). Pop along to 19 Foubert’s Place, just off Carbary Street, to get yours (but […]