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Exploring the Disused Aldwych Underground Station

SEE THE UPDATED POST AND MORE ON OUR NEW SITE! Recently, Foxes found out that London Transport Museum is hosting another round of its popular Aldwych Disused Underground Station Tours from 22 January – 15 February in 2015. The bad news is that… Due to its popularity and rare visiting opportunity the tickets are long gone. But that’s […]

St. Paul’s Alternative Around and About: The visible big bright dome glowing in nigh time

Our newest walk theme is finally decided – London Landmarks! And to celebrate Sir Christopher Wren’s birthday month, we will dedicate our first landmark walk to cover St. Paul’s Cathedral. St. Paul’s Cathedral holds its significance through hundreds and hundreds years of history. But rather than talking about its history or the typical tourist information (which you […]

Foxes’ Angel Islington Map: The illustration collection of Angel Facades

CHECK OUT OUR NEW SITE TO SEE THE COMPLETE ANGEL ISLINGTON PROJECT! We had a busy summer! Well, that probably won’t justify us from delaying our Walk Series. But (yes, there is a big but to argue our way out of laziness), we did brainstorm new ideas to include in the next few months. Some of the […]

Let’s Meet Goldfinger: a National Trust Routemaster tour

SEE THE UPDATED POST AND MORE ON OUR NEW SITE! To celebrate London Festival of Architecture, Foxies joined National Trust’s tour on a renovated green double-decker to learn about the Modern architect Ernö Goldfinger and his iconic listed buildings. From his infamous public schemes to his personal dwelling, we enjoyed this insightful trip exploring the […]

“Welcome to Iraq” – The Iraqi Guesthouse We Visited

One sunny afternoon, Foxes visited a Victorian House in South London. What’s so special about this house? We hear you asking. Well, rumor has it that upon entering this magical house you will be teleported to an Iraqi Guesthouse! Alright. Alright. It’s not really a house with a teleport (not like we befriended the Doctor). It’s […]