SEE THE UPDATED POST AND MORE ON OUR NEW SITE! Iceland is truly a fascinating country. With its nationwide jaw-breaking natural wonders and the capital region’s active cultural scene, there is never a dull moment in our trip. Icelanders really know how to embrace its natural and heritage beauty; from dipping into Blue Lagoon to trying its distinctive traditional […]

SEE THE UPDATED POST AND MORE ON OUR NEW SITE! We were in Iceland. The season was winter. Of course, this means we planned on visiting one of the amazing natural wonders in the world – Ice Caves! After seeing thousands of beautifully captured ice cave photographs, we wanted to see the real thing ourselves. […]

SEE THE UPDATED POST AND MORE ON OUR NEW SITE! With much anticipation, we finally checked the Land of Fire and Ice off our travel bucket list! During our visit in Iceland, we drove the southern part of the Ring Road and saw the breathtaking scenery it best known for. The road was mostly covered in winter […]

DON’T FORGET, YOU CAN VIEW THIS ON OUR NEW AND IMPROVED SITE. The globalized living lifestyle we are familiar today has gone through generations of on-going (re-)definition. Since the beginning of human civilization, our society has slowly evolved from agricultural communities into the modern urban environment. With the exponential increase in population, major cities are […]

YOU CAN ALSO VIEW THIS POST ON OUR NEW AND IMPROVED SITE! Call me silly, but every time I think of underground city my imagination carries me to a world where a structured society is reinforced by tribes of mole people living deep under the earth surface. So when the Urban Fox team visited the […]