About Urban Fox

We are city dwellers based in London, UK
documenting the unique journey of our urban neighbourhood

Leave those hard facts to the historians, our blog is all about the journey we experienced in this wonderful city of London. Like urban foxes, we love to explore the narrow street, the quiet road, and the secret mews in searching for the past in this urban environment.

We are especially intrigued by the relationship between people and their encountered space, which inspired fresh angles for us to see our urban neighbourhoods. Since our personal experience is heavily influenced by the urban context, we want to bring out the spatial elements secretly affecting our journey perceptions. So, to document our journey and to share our experiences with you, we decided to use the most typical visual techniques – graphics and photographs – to bring you the sense of space we experienced.

Do you have any interesting opportunities for us? We love to hear any inputs you may have for us. Leave your comment below or contact us here and you are just one more click away from sharing your thoughts with us!

Copyright © 2013-2014 Urban Fox · Urban Fox reserves the rights to the original content published on this site unless otherwise accredited. However, you are more than welcome to share our work granted that Urban Fox receives the credit for its original content. Please contact us for any specific requests.


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