Iceland! Here We Come!



With much anticipation, we finally checked the Land of Fire and Ice off our travel bucket list! During our visit in Iceland, we drove the southern part of the Ring Road and saw the breathtaking scenery it best known for. The road was mostly covered in winter white. To the seemingly endless boundaries, the icy powder cast even more infiniteness to the magnificent landscape.

We were in awe of Iceland’s beauty. The ancient volcanic formation, the grand, yet diminishing glacier, the geothermal natural wonders, and the impressive waterfalls. It was truly a natural paradise for us wanting to escape our daily urban living.



Our one week trip was filled with activities and places to explore. Regardless, nothing was set in stone as we welcomed unplanned encounters to lead us away on this foreign land.

Day 1 | London to Reykjavik


We took an early morning EasyJet flight and arrived Reykjavik City Centre just before noon. After settling in our accommodation, we spent some time finalising our road trip schedule and went out for a grocery hunt in the remaining afternoon.

Day 2-5 | South Iceland Road Trip (Reykjavik -> Vik -> Hofn)


We covered 1,000km of Iceland’s icy winter road on this South Iceland road trip. We drove to the Golden Circle (Þingvellir, Geysir, and Gullfoss), Dyrhólaey, Jökulsárlón (Glacier Lagoon), and Höfn. While visiting Vatnajökull National Park, where Europe’s largest glacier resides, we also explored an ice cave near Jökulsárlón.

Day 6 | Touring in Reykjavik


Day 6 was reserved for Reykjavik exploration. We walked the city centre, visited the basalt columns inspired Hallgrímskirkja church and the shimmering crystal Harpa Concert Hall, ate the famous Bæjarins Beztu Pylsur lamb hot dog (a popular Icelandic hot dog chain, which the name translate to “the best hot dogs in town”), and tasted the adventurous Icelandic fermented shark, puffin and whale dishes.

Day 7 | Reykjanes Peninsula Day Trip


Originally, Blue Lagoon was the only activity of this day. After consulting many tourist information booklets, we decided to extend the visit to a full day Reykjanes Peninsula drive. The day was gorgeous with the golden wintery soft light. We visited lighthouses and the growing gap between North America and Eurasia, and finished off with a relaxing soak in this world famous geothermal spa.

Day 8 | Reykjavik to London

Duty free shopping was our only activity of the day. Although we hated to finish our trip this way, our flight time did not give us flexible time to do otherwise. Fortunately, there were lots of Icelandic food (such as lava salt, frozen shark meat, herbal teas, licorice chocolates, Bæjarins Beztu Pylsur mustard, Icelandic beers) as well as craft and clothing to look around and shop for.


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