Prelude to our Angel Islington project


The gentrification of Angel Islington with a display of fashionable gastro pubs, wine bars, and boutiques earns it a trendy label well amplifying the cost attached to its posh status. But, when putting the secular value aside, the large number of young families in the neighbourhood also projects a nappy valley image in forming a sensible community. Having lived in Angel Islington, we have the pleasure of materialistic indulgence while also stay connected with the understated community. It is this living diversity which fascinates us in documenting our neighbourhood.

Our Angel Islington Project starts as an exercise to document our vibrant North London neighbourhood. Since we often hear Angel being referred to as “a nice area to live in”, our objective then transitions into determining what this common perception is based on. Or, in a more widely applied scope, what makes our living neighbourhood special. To answer these questions, which other way is better than the firsthand experience in learning what the community has to offer? With this in mind, we look at 5 distinctive elements – Waterway, Market, Boundary, Greenery, and Time – to piece together a holistic urbanistic perspective of Angel’s liveability.


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