Popular Locations to Snap Famous Staircases in London


Perhaps it’s because hidden geometry is everywhere, that’s why we are so fond of geometry sequences when we find them in our daily life. Staircases, a precisely calculated geometry structure, can be easily found in most buildings. Function more than a connection between the two floors, they are also a transitional form with strong emphasis on geometric aesthetic and design composition. With elements like symmetry, leading lines, and patterns, we are attracted by the beauty of staircases. Here we have listed out some popular locations in London to capture some of the famous staircases.

Tate Britain

The spiral staircase at the center of the Rotunda is a new feature of the renovated Tate Britain since 2013. The monochrome scallop pattern terrazzo floor provides a striking visual impact from above. 

2 Willow Road

Located in the terrace house designed by architect Ernő Goldfinger, this shiny golden spiral staircase has a brass finished handrail with an interesting touch of string balustrades.

Tulip Staircase, The Queen’s House

Being the first centrally unsupported spiral stairs in England, the elegant Tupic Stairs is a must-see when visiting Greenwich.

Nelson Stair, Somerset House

IMG_9210-Edit-3Hidden at the rear side of Somerset House’s South Wing, the Nelson Stair runs over six floors in its own dramatic curvy way.

Stamp Stair, Somerset House

IMG_9132-1The Stamp Stair used to be the access point to the Stamp Office, a place to mark all kinds of documents with official stamps to indicate the correct tax had been paid.

The Courtauld Gallery, Somerset House

IMG_9247-Edit-3-2The semi-circular staircase in the Courtauld Gallery complements the beautiful building and its rich art collections.

Brewer Staircase, Heal’s (Tottenham Court Road)

Design by Cecil Brewer in 1916, the restored Brewer Staircase features cascading chandelier hanging from the top which adds a great addition to the furniture store.

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