A Day at Bletchley

Few months ago, we spontaneously decided to visit Bletchley Park. This day-out spot about the codes, cipher, and World War II has been on our weekend to-do list for quite some times. Although war history is not our cup of tea, we find the code breaking operation happened at Bletchley quite fascinating.


If you have never heard of the Bletchley Park, we recommend the following film and drama for your entertainment. The film The Imitation Game follows the story of mathematician Alan Turing (starring Benedict Cumberbatch) to crack the Enigma machine at Bletchley Park. TV mystery drama series The Bletchley Circle follows the story of four women who worked at Bletchley Park post war to solve crime using their decipher skills.

So, what is Bletchley Park? In short, it is once a classified location which was dedicated to breaking the “unbreakable” German Enigma machine, decipher the intercepted German intelligence and consequentially won the war during WWII.



Do you know what the flash cards the codebreakers use to learn Japanese look like?

Well, the war, the codebreaking, and the Enigma may sound boring for people who aren’t into these nerdy stuff. But the informative multimedia guide simplifies the complex codebreaking process and made the learning fun. We get to understand the basic knowledge of how an Enigma machine functions and learn about the intriguing life as a codebreaker at Bletchley Park.


There are several restored wartime buildings and huts to cruise around. Each room mimics the codebreaker’s working environment with the help of visual and sound aids.


The beautiful Victorian red brick mansion, perhaps the most iconic building in Bletchley Park, is something that can’t be missed. Here, the famous wartime office, the colorful glazed window roof, and the wood-carved grand stairs show total different scene than the clustered hut units.


We had an educational and entertaining day at Bletchley Park. Apart from the educational stuff, it is also a great place for a picnic; lots of green grass, shady trees, and beautiful sceneries for a relaxed afternoon with family and friends. Although the park requires a small entrance fee, one entrance pass can be used for a whole year! For a London day trip, why not catch a frequent train to Bletchley for an even better 2-for-1 deal!

So, if you are a fan of the Enigma cipher system, a war time history enthusiast, or just someone who is curious about the whole codebreaking operation after watching the film and want to see the film scene, Bletchley Park is definitely the place to spend a half day or even a whole day to discover. Make sure to bring along a picnic mat as well to enjoy the lovely green grass and fresh air.


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