Exploring the Disused Aldwych Underground Station


Aldwych Station-01-01

Recently, Foxes found out that London Transport Museum is hosting another round of its popular Aldwych Disused Underground Station Tours from 22 January – 15 February in 2015. The bad news is that… Due to its popularity and rare visiting opportunity the tickets are long gone. But that’s okay. We would love to share with you our experience of visiting the infamous Grade II listed beautiful red brick Aldwych Station!

THE TOUR It was quite exciting to enter a disused underground station with a pack of people. It almost felt like we were bringing the station back to its glory. People were crowding the platform listening to LTM’s tour guides almost like they were waiting for a train to come. The tour brought us to both the art deco interior of the completed part of the station, which is similar to some of the Piccadilly Line stations. We also got a chance to explore the never finished part of the station.

VINTAGE SIGNAGE So many vintage posters left on the wall. Some parts of the station were used for period filming so their props are actually mixed with the real vintage posters. Can you spot the props from the real?

INCOMPLETE The eerie photos of the gloomy incomplete site were accompanied a ghost story. Due to safety reasons, we only explored this part of the station briefly. Although the tunnel seemed unfinished, the lighting and safety are connected and in good working condition. We wonder what these tunnels are used for now.

The 1-hour tour in a disused tube station is definitely fun; it was like going into an underground maze to discover what has left in time. However, in reality the station is just close to the public due to the change in tube expansion plan. The station is well kept and the tunnels are used often by the maintenance teams. The station is left behind in its tunnel expansion, but it is not anywhere near being abandoned.


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