St. Paul’s Alternative Around and About: The visible big bright dome glowing in nigh time

Our newest walk theme is finally decided – London Landmarks! And to celebrate Sir Christopher Wren’s birthday month, we will dedicate our first landmark walk to cover St. Paul’s Cathedral.


St. Paul’s Cathedral holds its significance through hundreds and hundreds years of history. But rather than talking about its history or the typical tourist information (which you can find here and here), we want to investigate this famously recognizable sight of London from a fresh angle: Through looking at St. Paul’s skyline presence from London streets!

What do we mean by that? Well, from the city design perspective, we know that St. Paul’s Cathedral is one of many focal points designed throughout London. It hosted religious gatherings which served great historical importance. Therefore, it must hold some indicative characteristics to distinct itself from its surrounding environment. So, we walked the alleyways, passages, and streets surrounding St. Paul’s Cathedral in search for these indicative characteristics.

Let’s go ahead and look at what we found!


Did you figure out the theme in the above set of photos?

Yup, it’s the linear visual vista leading towards St. Paul’s iconic and brightly lit dome. From pedestrian alleys to commercial passages to busy streets, we can all observed this visual relation from its surrounding area. This distinctive character emphasized on St. Paul’s accessibility and symbolic nature, which serve as good focal point indicators.

We hope you enjoy our belated walk as much as we do! Better yet, why not walk around a famous landmark yourself and find its importance from its surrounding clues like we did in our walk! It would be a great fun to explore our environment in a refreshing way.


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