Bristol International Balloon Fiesta: That was unforgettable…

Bristol Balloon Fiesta – 7-10th August 2014, Ashton Court

Foxes went to the 2014 Bristol International Balloon Fiesta hoping to see hot air balloons floating through the sky. Instead, we were hit by a heavy rain 10 minutes before the mass hot air balloon launch in the otherwise sunny Saturday afternoon. Feeling disappointed with missing all the mass launches due to the bad weather, we still enjoyed the popular night show – Nightglow (a hot air balloon show).

When we first arrived at Ashton Court, thousands and thousands of people were already patiently waiting for the mass hot air balloon launch while watching participating companies preparing for the ascent. Suddenly, we were hit by this unmerciful rain, forcing the cancellation of the massive launch…

Enduring through the cold and wet weather hoping to catch some hot air balloon actions, we were happy to hear that the Nightglow was a go. It was quite a show seeing the balloons to rise and glow in sync to the music beat.

Shortly after the Nightglow finale, we were entertained by a relatively short firework. Well, that was it for the night.

Except for the raining cats and dogs, we say the night show perfectly marked the end of our first hot air balloon adventure. Watching thousands of people waiting for the event resume under pissing rain was actually quite fun and memorable. What a contradicting feeling we had!


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