Dover Deal Sandwich Part 3: Deal, Walmer and Dover Castle

Dover Deal Sandwich Trip – Part.3

If we were to rename this trip, we would probably name it the English Heritage Castle Tour! In this 3 days, we used  our English Heritage membership to the fullest and visited Deal Castle, Walmer Castle and Gardens, and Dover Castle all together. It was well worth our time to visit these historical forts to experience living in the past.


Deal Castle, a Device Forts built by Henry VIII to fortify the southern English coastline, is shaped like a Tudor rose. With all the interior spaces formed by overlapping semicircles, we felt quite confusing to navigate around this artillery fortress.


Walmer Castle, one of the three Device Forts along, is 10 minutes away from Deal Castle. It also adopts a Tutor rose design. Since the castle was very similar to Deal Castle, we spent most of our time along with family picnickers in its lovely garden.


The Dover Castle is not only important for its archaeological significance, it is equally crucial for its secret wartime tunnels in the Second World War. Its historical richness and importance granted Dover Castle a scheduled monument status (meaning historically important). Walking in different parts of this magnificent castle, it felt almost like we were reliving historical moments in its respective time period.



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