Routemaster 60

Routemaster 60 -12 & 13 July 2014, Finsbury Park

Foxes spent a lovely afternoon at the Routemaster 60 event in Finsbury Park last Saturday. A total of 136 Routemasters attended the event and the park was packed with everything RM related; from RM converted food stands to enthusiasts stalls selling postcards, books, vintage ticket machines, and even vehicle parts! Although we weren’t quite familiar with all the RM types, we still enjoy surrounded by all those colourful (but mostly red) new and old RMs and got the chance to ride on some! :)

The B-type: This is the bus that went to WWI.

The People: This is the everyday life.

The Destination Blinds: This is where you’re heading.

The Stalls: This is not the regular garage sale.

The Routemasters: This is the Routemaster Avenue.

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  1. […] Routemaster 60, which a fleet of vintage Routemasters was spectacularly exhibited. […]


  2. i would like to go to it


    1. Urban Fox · · Reply

      It’s a one-off thing I’m afraid! But Routemaster Assocaition should have more events coming up for the Year of the Bus. Check out their site here –


  3. […] you love Routemasters, why not check out our ‘Routemaster 60: Routemaster wonderland in Finsbury Park’ […]


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