Saturday Stroll in Epping Forest

Total trail: 5.81 mi: 1. Theydon Bois Tube Station. 2. In the middle of nowhere. 3. Epping Tube Station

Epping Forest is us Londoners’ greatest backyard! It is easily accessible by the tube and has loads of things to explore. Running, jogging, walking, cycling, and horseback riding; the forest is a huge exercise ground. We spent an afternoon wandering in the forest, encountering different ecosystems, and only could explore a tiny portion of what the forest could offer. It‘s a pity we didn’t see deer nor foxes. But, we did see many fat hares and sneaky squirrels. Let’s hope we can find them in our next trip to the Epping Forest.


After our tube journey to Theydon Bois (and also after our quick bite at a local coffee shop), we headed towards the forest. On our way passing the residential area, we were greeted by the J. Phillips Quality Meat owners’ friendly smile and chummy wave.

Upon stepping onto the large grass field where rabbits happily bounced on, we were attracted by the mysterious woods enclosed by the green land. We were excited from the visiting the Mother Nature. The paddy fungi, the beautiful foliages, and the textural tree trunks. We found all very fascinating.

After 3.5 hours of aimless wandering, our journey ended with our arrival at the Epping Station (and the train ride back to our starting point, Theydon Bois, only took ~5 min.).


  • Fully charge the phone and bring a spare battery. A GPS or compass is very useful in the woods.
  • Make sure you have plenty of time to explore in the forest and enough time to get out from it!
  • Bring wet wipes for removing the muds on the shoes.
  • Water and food!

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