What’s Happening at the Chapel Market?


Scene in the walk_HEADER-01

Chapel Market has quite a distinct character! Walking down the street, you can experience both sides of the world – the lively market atmosphere combined with the laid-back after hour ambiance. Its unpretentious makes Chapel Market a perfect spot to stroll along on a sunny afternoon.

In May’s walk – the Memory Lane, Foxies explored the story behind the past 50 years of time. But what about the changes within a day’s time? Would there be anything interesting happening within one single day? Let us discover these differences which tells the story of a typical street market’s day, shall we?

When the market is closed, the brick facades and the hidden art expose their faces from the packed street vendors. The street widens and people continues to pass through this calming street.

When the market is open, street vendors closely pack the street. They transform the street with vibrant colourful fabrics, old vintage records, and farmer’s market produce.

When the market is closed, the shops’ unique characteristics are displayed in the open air. Nothing like the previously obstructed view during the market hours.

When the market is open, the scenery is shifted from characteristic street shops to the lively merchant gathering. Don’t you think this atmospherical transition is what makes Chapel Market attractive?


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