“Welcome to Iraq” – The Iraqi Guesthouse We Visited

One sunny afternoon, Foxes visited a Victorian House in South London. What’s so special about this house? We hear you asking. Well, rumor has it that upon entering this magical house you will be teleported to an Iraqi Guesthouse!

South London Gallery-01

Alright. Alright. It’s not really a house with a teleport (not like we befriended the Doctor). It’s really the South London Gallery exhibiting Iraqi artists’ works. Don’t you think the atmosphere feels just like visiting someone’s exotic home? You can watch an interesting but borderline bizarre Iraqi drama on the couch. You can read a book at the table. You can also enjoy a traditional Iraqi tea and biscuits with total strangers at the long dining table.

South London Gallery-02

Going upstairs, the entire floor was filled with human size cardboard furniture installations reflecting typical Iraqi’s lifestyle. There was a huge pair of slippers in the bedroom and a bookshelf full with interesting title books in the living room. There were even books about hand-made rice noodles hidden in other books.

We love the small platform overlooking the double height cafe space. The window openings provided natural lighting and the vibrant and lively wallpaper brightens up the whole space. Too bad we planned to also visit the Prefab Museum in the same afternoon, otherwise it would be lovely to relax in the gallery’s cozy NO.67 cafe.

South London Gallery-03

The Welcome To Iraq exhibition is until 1 June. It’s definitely worth your visit. And don’t forget to enjoy the beautiful and relaxing exhibition space South London Gallery provides.


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