Prefab Museum in Catford


One sunny spring afternoon, Foxes slowly bused towards the Southeast. Almost 2 hours of city scenery, travelled acrossed 3 zones, we arrived in Catford. What was worthy of this lengthy journey? Well, we wanted to visit the Prefab Museum located at the Excalibur Estate, a prefabricated housing establishment constructed in the 1940s post war and London Blitz. (As well, Red Fox insisted to visit Bellingham for nostalgic reasons.)



We might never discover this prefab location if it wasn’t for the Prefab Museum. The Excalibur Estate was meant to satisfy the temporary housing needs but this prefabricated housing estate survived until now.

Despite this historic significance, the estate is facing demolition while only 6 out of 187 2-bedroom bungalows obtained listed status.


Although these bungalows are quite small they are well equipped with two bedrooms, one living room, one toilet, kitchen and a nice little backyard. After years of occupancy, each seemingly identical prefab developed its own character which reflects through the history and memories of the people making up this community.


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