Punchdrunk’s The Drowned Man – A Theatre Puzzle Interesting to Solve for

Drowned Man-01

Foxes went to Punchdrunk’s the Drowned Man, a Hollywood Fable. This 3-hour interactive theatre experience was by all means not the typical sit-and-watch show we usually attended. Even so, this show was truly unique in its own groundbreaking way.

We were trapped inside an almost pitch black building, an old sorting office by Paddington Station. The entire building was the show’s ultra universe. No clear instructions were given except for a piece of double-sided paper telling us two extremely similar stories and to wear a white ghost-looking mask at all time (to differentiate audiences from the actors). Everything happened in parallel and nothing happened right in front of your eyes. We were left inside to explore according to our own preference.

We followed the diva’s story for a while, then we wandered inside the building on our own. The production props were really amazing. There was a forest, a hospital, a ballroom, a saloon, a studio set, a western-style village, a trailer park, and many more rooms and secret passages. And the distinct smell in each space added realness to its environment.

The show ended quite sudden for us. And of course, we had no idea what the story was really about. But we got to bring the ghost-looking mask home!


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