Scavenging in Pierrepont Market & Arcade


Pierrepont Market_HEADER

In our February Treasure Hunting Walk, Foxes went scavenging in Camden Passage. It is truly a great place to look for vintage and antique items! We especially enjoyed our second stop at the Pierrepont Market and Arcade (check out our walk here).

Enough with the links, shall we get on and focus on the Pierrepont Market and Arcade.

The crowd, mostly mingles in at the market area, often misses the inner area where the arcade locates. Looking up from the arcade, we love this beautiful view of this 17th century Church of St John the Evangelist.

China, silverware, clocks, and crafts. Small, vintage, and colourful items. Even the store owners come with age. Can you find one of them hiding behind their unique merchandise?

We love old prints. Books. Photographs. Postcards. You name it. Don’t forget to bring enough cash here so you can actually bring your treasure back (unlike us)!


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