The Angel Waterside Exploration: All these Interesting Facades!


In Foxes first very Urban Exploration post, we explored…

Angel Regent Canal_JOURNEY


Foxes see commercial, residential, new, and old facades along the journey.

Angel Regent Canal_PHOTO1

And the journey is strongly linked by the water.

Angel Regent Canal_PHOTO2

Did you guess it right? Foxes explored the Angel Regent’s Canal!

We transitioned from the bustling commercial area and busy transportation hub on the Upper Street to Angel’s inner residential community near the Regent’s Canal, then to the currently redeveloping area by the City Road Basin.

As we explored towards the East, the beautiful, quiet and protected Georgian residential scenery was soon disturbed by the gigantic industrial cranes hanging in the midair not far away from our standpoint. The view was especially harsh from the Graham Street Garden, as the atmosphere was built upon a strangely arranged social housing scene, a derelict and rundown building, a National Grid substation and many redevelopment sites along the City Road Basin. It was quite fascinating how much of a difference a street apart, or a turn away, can present to you.

Check out the side note below for some interesting facts about the buildings on our route. You can also check out more walks like this here!


Angel Regent Canal Route_MAP


  • The Mall: First functioned as a tram station in 1850, then opened as The Mall Antiques Arcade in 1979 before it became Jack Wills store in the present days.
  • The Courthouse: We always wondered why the building looks so unusual for an apartment. The once busy Clerkenwell County Courthouse, which was built in 1931 is now transformed into a 30 residential unit apartment.
  • Diespeker & Co Ltd: The former Diespeker & Co Ltd warehouse and factory used the Regent Canal to transport its goods is now converted into an office building with a terrace facing the canal-side. The painted company name is still visible from the brick building facade.
  • City Road Tube Station: A disused tube station which was closed in 1922 due to low passenger numbers. Now, only the ventilation tower stands on the station site.


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