SEE THE UPDATED POST AND MORE ON OUR NEW SITE! Iceland is truly a fascinating country. With its nationwide jaw-breaking natural wonders and the capital region’s active cultural scene, there is never a dull moment in our trip. Icelanders really know how to embrace its natural and heritage beauty; from dipping into Blue Lagoon to trying its distinctive traditional […]

YOU CAN ALSO VIEW THIS POST ON OUR NEW AND IMPROVED SITE! Call me silly, but every time I think of underground city my imagination carries me to a world where a structured society is reinforced by tribes of mole people living deep under the earth surface. So when the Urban Fox team visited the […]

THIS POST IS ALSO AVAILABLE ON OUR NEW AND IMPROVED SITE! After recently viewing the documentary “The Infinite of Happiness”, we revisited our 8 House tour to reflect upon its social experiment in creating an urban neighbourhood. —- From a distance afar, the dramatic slopes and unconventional silhouette of BIG’s 8 House looks as if it was a […]

“The Human Scale” documents Danish architect Jan Gehl’s approach to create a good urban habitat for healthy human beings. Through years of observing people’s interaction with their living environment, Jan proposed and tested a set of human-centric guidelines in realizing an urban environment that is more suitable for human nature than the widely adopted automobile-focused […]

  It’s a brand new year! So, what’s in store for Urban Fox? Last year, we set up our new site, created on an urban exploration mini game (coming real soon), posted some thoughts and reflections on urban environment, and continued to work on the periodic archetype project and a series of theme illustrations we previously […]

Pumpkin Fox and his Jack-o-Lantern, trick-or-treating in a pumpkin field. Joining rabbits and having fun, a night to remember with a bunch of friends.

The creative work of urbanist and media artist JT Singh always provides an interesting urban perspective to its representing city. This time, Singh’s new film, Shanghai Forever, takes us on a 3-minute journey to see its residential area away from its symbolic skyscrapers, leading us to the simpler way of living which is typically disassociated with China’s ultra modern mega-cities. Similar to Urban Fox’s […]

SEE THE UPDATED POST AND MORE ON OUR NEW SITE SITE OUROUR NEW SITE! On the third day of our South Iceland trip, we planned a laid-back countryside drive from Jökulsárlón to Höfn. Nothing particular was in mind except for a need to refuel our half emptied tank in preparation for our next day’s long […]